The Crew

Kerstin Behrendt, graduate psychologist, with long lasting experience as an international human resources manager in telco industries – now sailing under own flag as HR consultant and interim manager since 2013.

Markus Lemke, graphic designer, copy writer and communication expert with long lasting marketing experience in IT, media and telco industries - since 15 years self-employed and on his way between shallows, sounds and the wide open spaces of corporate communication.


Welcome Aboard!

As HR and marketing professionals we are pretty experienced to participate in meetings, workshops, seminars or conferences – or even to run this kind of events. Hence we have seen a lot of meeting rooms all over the world. Quite often we had to notice, that we hardly remember those meetings and locations: What hotel was it again, I have stayed in last month? A lot of those meeting rooms were variable at will – same carpets, air-conditioned without any chance to open a window. One meeting room equates the next one - and sometimes even the same “meeting cookies”…

We have treasured just very few events – and they all had one thing in common: a very special and exceptional environment where you could sense that certain something. A special atmosphere people talked about even after years, an outstanding meeting with crucial results, a particular day shaping teams and enabling new creative ideas.

We are convinced: It could be so easy to make a business event a very special one. Based on our common passion for sailing, open sea and nature the idea of THE FLOATING OFFICE BERLIN was born.

With our seminar boat „WELLENLÄNGE“ we would like to create a location we have dreamed of in our own professional life as participants of meetings, seminars and workshops: A very special place where people have fun to work and communicate with others. A cool and simply different working environment – where you can enjoy the wide view over water without being locked in a narrow room. A place to concentrate and to relax at the same time – and nothing to miss what is needed for modern and mobile work.

We hope that you enjoy our seminar boat „WELLENLÄNGE“ as much as we do!

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